OA's Project Ecuador

Opportunitas Aequa's first project is the collection of new and used soccer equipment to be transported and distributed to the rural province of Chimborazo in Ecuador. The goal of Project Ecuador is to deliver 1000 soccer balls, and 1000 pairs of soccer cleats to some of the most impoverished children in Ecuador.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Welcome to Santa Isabel!

Getting tons of positive feedback from the video. Good to see word is spreading, we will try and get another up in a few days.

The big news from here is that we have found a field to begin work on. After visiting sixteen different communities we have decided to rebuild the field at Santa Isabel, a small community just outside of Riobamba. It will be lots of hard work, but we could not be more excited.

Roberto, Gavin, and Andrew will be heading to Guayquil to meet the equpiment on Saturday, and without any hiccups, will be back to Casa Condor by mid-next week. The Project will then be in full swing.

I will keep everyone posted on the developments here, until then, wish us luck.


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