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Opportunitas Aequa's first project is the collection of new and used soccer equipment to be transported and distributed to the rural province of Chimborazo in Ecuador. The goal of Project Ecuador is to deliver 1000 soccer balls, and 1000 pairs of soccer cleats to some of the most impoverished children in Ecuador.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


First news from OA in Ecuador

Well, we have our first news from Chimborazo. With Duncan and I making sure everything is finalized here in Victoria before we head out on the 18th, we have received the first pictures of our target area from the guys down there already.

The picture is of Casa Condor, the cabins we will be staying in while we work in Chimborazo. In the background is the very impressive Mt. Chimborazo. The altitude of the cabins is over 3800m above sea level - wow.

I also received a bit of a note from Gavin, which I will pass along;

"We were introduced to teachers and children from the community. They were all very receptive and excited about us being there. The kids would not leave our side. Everyone that we have met in Chimborazo is very excited about how we can help them. The leader of the community of San Pablo, Chimborazo knows that with our help the community will become physically stronger to better deal with the harsh environmental conditions they are in. He also mentioned that with our help, the children will have a better opportunity to develop properly."

All pretty exciting. We are looking forward to getting all of us together down there, and to finally begin what we set out to do.

Ears to the ground, there is more to come.


Blogger Lisa Bettany said...

Thank you for the update. I'm so happy things are going well. It looks beautiful there. I hope you are doing some extra Ks on your run to prepare for that altitude. Wow!

I can't wait to see and hear more about the project.

PS. How easy/hard has it been for the boys to find an internet connection in Chimborazo?

1:58 PM  

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