OA's Project Ecuador

Opportunitas Aequa's first project is the collection of new and used soccer equipment to be transported and distributed to the rural province of Chimborazo in Ecuador. The goal of Project Ecuador is to deliver 1000 soccer balls, and 1000 pairs of soccer cleats to some of the most impoverished children in Ecuador.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Stress and relief

Well, we knew it wasn't all going to be smooth sailing. After struggling with Ecuadorian efficiency in securing the last of our needed fence for Santa Isablel, we ran into further problems. The fence is not going up as we had hoped, and we are of differing opinions than the community on how best to fix it. It is causing us all repeated headaches. We are progressing though, and things are righting themselves, it just took a lot more work than we expected. I'll update how it looks when it is all set up.

There are bright spots however, Andrew Brownlee is back from Guayaquil and our equipment will be out of customs on Monday. Gavin and Roberto are still there waiting to meet it. This is a huge relief to all of us. We could not be more excited to begin passing out equpiment. Seeing the expressions on the faces of the kids when we hand them a soccer ball will be moments we all remember for the rest of our lives.

Other good news that we have been saving ... work has begun at the second community we are working with - Guabug. The field is progressing at an incredible rate and we could not be more pleased with the results. Starting Monday we will be splitting up and working at both Santa Isabel and Guabug. It is very rewarding to see the progress we are making with the communities. Expect more pictures soon.

Tomorrow is Sunday, Chruch takes priority around here and work tends to get put on hold ... so the four of us in the Chimborazo region have decided to explore a bit of the country we are living in. We will take a famous trian known as the "Devil's Nose," and take in a bit of scenary before returning to work on Monday. I will let you all know, pictures included, how it went, and show of some of the scenary that we work in everyday.

Wish us luck.


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